Teething Gods, Be Kind.

20629142_10154765751341186_299620963_oI really thought we had more time before we had to deal with this particular obstacle. As I suspected, however, just as soon as we thought we had our baby figured out, we have a curve ball thrown our way. At three and a half months old, our little Chunker is teething in full force. Of course, being my child, he couldn’t teeth like every other baby! Instead of getting his front lower teeth first, he is cutting a tooth in the back of his mouth. The poor guy has a tiny little mouth and an awful gag reflex. Pair that with his young age, meaning that he can’t manipulate objects to get them where they need to go so he can chew as well as an older baby, and it makes this round of teething particularly difficult.


Teething baby cheek rash

I know this is just the beginning, but I just feel so awful for him. It seems like there is very little we can do to relieve his discomfort. We have used cold washcloths and cold teething rings and he has an amber necklace and we give him Tylenol regularly, despite his continual efforts to spit out every bit of medicine that hits his tongue. Luckily, the tiny bit of Tylenol does seem to help, but that’s just about the only thing. Sometimes his daddy and I just sit and let him gnaw on our fingers until he is either no longer interested or gags. He has started to chew on his blankies and stuffed animals, too. And talk about the drool! Oh my goodness, it’s like a waterfall. For some reason, he isn’t drooly all the time. It’s either none or all over his shirt and hands and blanket and stuffed animal and me.

20662822_10154765751351186_1007548154_oI’m hoping that this round of teething passes quickly, but I realize that we are probably in for the long haul. I’m not sure what we are going to do to get through, but we will overcome. I feel so bad for our sore, cranky, tired little baby, but I know he will be so happy when he gets those new toofers figured out and gets his first taste of big boy food.

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