We Finally Did It!

Since the day my son was born (almost), multiple members of my family have told me how I needed to be giving my son cereal. They all said it would keep him full longer so that he would sleep longer. My personal favorite was “We started you at 10 days old!” I just wasn’t ready to give in, knowing that it is important to wait to give solids.

After hearing my son cry for two days and not sure why, I finally decided perhaps he just wasn’t getting as full as he should be. Being five days shy of his four month birthday, I decided to follow my mommy instincts and introduce the cutest baby in the world to cereal.


I would definitely say it was a hit! While a lot more spilled out of his mouth than went in, it was fun to let him give it a try and he seemed quite content with what little he did eat. We will probably wait a little bit longer to get much more adventurous, but I’m glad to see a happy Chunker!

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