Boys & Body Image

Boys & Body Image

I have seen lots of posts aimed at body image issues and how mothers present themselves in front of their daughters, but it seems as if that relationship has been completely ignored between mothers and their sons. I can’t imagine why we as a population would choose to overlook something so important. Not only do men have body image issues, as well, but my son may very well grow up to love women and I expect that he know how to treat one.

In that spirit, I want my son to know that a woman’s body is not perfect. Very few of us look like the women that we see on TV or in magazines and that is okay! I want him to know that a woman’s worth is not measured by her beauty alone. I want my son to respect women no matter what their body shape or any flaws that body might have.

I also want to convey confidence to my son, so that he knows that we as humans, not just as a male or female, should be proud of the body we have been given. Our bodies do magnificent things and we should be proud of that, no matter what our body looks like. I want him to feel good about himself no matter what his waist size or how tall he is or whether he has acne or not.

I have no idea what his future is going to hold for him. At this point in our lives, I can only imagine what he will be like when he is older. What I do know is what I want to instill in him, the kind of man that I want him to be. Helping him grow into a man that is respectful and compassionate begins now. Children pay attention to everything that we do and it is our job to take that very seriously.

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