Eclipse 2017 & Baby’s First Slumber Party

In preparation for the total solar eclipse, Chunker and I decided to stay the night at Grandma’s house! It was the first time since Chunker’s birth that we have stayed anywhere other than our house. To my surprise, it went very very well. Chunker was cuddled and snuggled and loved on and mommy even got to sleep all night long since he slept in Grandma’s room. I am thinking that these overnight visits are going to have to happen regularly so that I have a night to catch up on some sleep!

The following morning we got up and had my favorite apple turnovers and then spent the morning cooking so that we would have finger foods to nibble on throughout the day. We had friends and family over and everyone gathered in the back yard for the perfect view of the cosmos. (I laid in an ant hill. Yes, an ANT HILL. Let me add that this was just moments before totality. I got up after feeling bites and had ants all over me. I almost stripped. Luckily, Chunker was in his daddy’s lap. Only me, I swear.)

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you was able to view the eclipse. It was quite possibly the most mesmerizing thing I have ever seen to this point in my life. In my neck of the woods, we were lucky enough to be within the path of totality, meaning that the sun was 100% eclipsed here. It was eerie as it went dark and the crickets began to chirp and everything got still. It was a wonderful experience made even better by being surrounded with family.

Afterward, everyone took a nap. Even NASA agrees that an eclipse can lead to crazy psychological effects. Immediately after we were all incredibly exhausted, so I have to believe it has to have something to do with the eclipse itself. Even Chunker took a two hour nap! We were all able to just chill for the evening, getting in some quality family time, and had a great supper. Chunker even had his very first tub bath, which he absolutely loved! There are fewer things more perfect than an amazing couple of days with the family and a beautiful natural phenomenon.

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