Sickness Has Set In!

Sickness Has Set In

For the first time since we had Chunker, sickness has descended upon us *insert dramatic music here*! Of course, I couldn’t be the only one to get sick like in the pre-baby days, so in no time we were all feeling the funk. It came out of no where, too. All of a sudden we were slammed with sore throats, stuffy noses, coughs, and wheezing. It has been nasty around these parts! With a baby as young as Chunker, it can be pretty difficult to figure out a good combo of germ-kicking options to help him feel better quick, fast, and in a hurry! Here are some things that I have been doing for all of us in the house to try to get us to a speedy recovery!

  • Take the medicine we CAN take! For mommy and daddy, that meant trying to find the right decongestant, pain reliever, cough suppressant combo and trying to remember to stay doped up! (I can’t remember anything since having Chunker – nothing, zilch, nada.) For Mr. Chunk, that meant Tylenol. I assumed that since our sickness started with a sore throat, his probably did too, so I tried to keep him on a steady supply of Tylenol because sore throats are pretty much the closest thing to hell I’ve experienced thus far.
  • Break out the Vicks! Vicks Vapor Rub is a staple in my house. Everytime we get sick I break it out so that I can breathe. I was so impressed that they make a baby version and had to try it out. To my surprise, it smells pretty awesome. I rubbed some on Chunker’s feet and chest to make sure he could sleep okay!
  • Use those essential oils you have lying around! If you’re like me, you have a random assortment of essential oils all over the place. Some are purely aromatheraphy oils that I bought just to diffuse because I wanted my house to smell good. After doing that a while, I decided to step up my oil game and got lucky enough to get some of the “good stuff” for Christmas last year. I gathered up what I had and diffused a combo of rosemary, peppermint, and thieves to help us all sleep. My husband and I put a drop of our peppermint on our tongues which really clears the sinuses. We also made a coconut oil concoction under the advice of my fellow blog mom and friend, Vanessa, and applied that to all of our feet! (Check out her blog here. Seriously, go do it! She’s awesome!)
  • Salt water is your friend! I have always done the normal gargle with warm salt water for a sore throat thing and it works great. This go-round, though, my husband convinced me to snort some up my nose. Y’all, I about had a freaking panic attack when he made the suggestion. My response, “Breathing water makes you drown!” He assured me that it wouldn’t kill me and even did it myself. Whoa, y’all! Game changer! My sinuses had never felt better, seriously. It was pretty awesome. So, if you’re daring and tired of feeling like you have a brick in your head, it might be worth a shot! Obviously, the Chunk did not take part in this part of the “get better now” routine.

All in all, we are really starting to feel better! It has taken a few days, but I really do feel like we have felt better even quicker than normal since we incorporated some natural remedies in with our conventional medicine. Having a baby, it was more important than ever for me to get back on my feet as quickly as possible, so I’m pretty darn impressed. In another day or two, I think we will all be back to our normal, ornery selves. I hope that this post finds you well, but if not, you might wanna give some of these a try so that you can perk back up ASAP!Laura

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  1. fitfoodiemomlife

    August 28, 2017 at 6:41 am

    aww you’re so sweet girl! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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