The Ultimate What to Take to the Hospital Checklist

As a mommy-to-be, you have so much on your mind already. You don’t need to worry about what you are going to take to the hospital with you! I have made the ultimate what to take to the hospital checklist so that you can focus on enjoying the last few days of your pregnancy rather than frantically packing your hospital bag. Below are listed various items for mommy, daddy, and baby, so that everyone can have a happy birthing experience! Scroll to the bottom for your very own FREE printable checklist to help you prepare for your new bundle of joy!

For the New Mommy

Comfy Clothes

As a new mama, you will still want to wear clothes that are accommodating to the baby bump. Not only are maternity clothes more comfy, but it also takes a little while for your belly muscles to realize there isn’t a baby in there. I recommend wearing maternity capris and a comfy low cut t-shirt once you feel like putting real clothes on. For me, it helped me finally start feeling like normal again!



Until you get ready to wear normal clothes, a robe will be your best friend. It is light weight and easily goes on and off, plus if you are nursing it gives you easy boob access! Below are two awesome set options, including nursing jammies and a really nice, lightweight robe. I especially like the first option, as a matching baby nightgown is included!

Nursing Bra

This is the exact nursing bra that I wore after having Chunker. They are super comfortable! They have no underwire and are made with a really nice stretchy fabric that are made to accommodate your breasts as they change in size. I’m all in longevity in a product like this, so try to get something that is going to grow with you! (Confession: I still wear them!)

Nursing Pads

Whether you plan on nursing or not, it is a good idea to throw some of these in your bag! You can decide if you want to go with the washable or disposable option, but either way they are a good thing to have on hand. You’ll have enough new things to think about with a brand new baby, a soaking wet shirt doesn’t have to be one.

Flip Flops

If no one has told you, your legs are going to swell after you have your baby. They are going to be bigger than they were the entire time you were pregnant. There is no way that I could have gotten my big feet into anything other than a pair of flip flops! Trust me, you are going to want to get out of that hospital room – take the flip flops.

Hair Stuff

For me, hair ties and bobby pins are an absolute must. As I’m sure you know, a good hair tie can fix a whole multitude of sins. Get you a big ole package because they are your new best friend!

Bath Stuff

After having your baby, you are going to be dirty! For a while, you are going to be tired enough that you don’t care. Then, you are going to be sore and worn out. Eventually, you will be ready for a shower and you will want your own bath stuff! Below are these really hand soap dispensers so that you can take your own soaps with you without lugging the whole bottle!

Fingernail File

Okay, this one might just be me, but I require a fingernail file. Having a hang nail drives me insane! Take it from me, the woman that sent her husband home for a fingernail file – just throw one in your bag!


I thought everyone was crazy, but you are going to want some chapstick. After all of the strategic deep breathing, your mouth is going to be super dry. This will really help!

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

I don’t think an explanation is even necessary here, but check out this handy travel case! Having everything organized will make your life a whole lot easier!


If you wear contacts, don’t forget to take your glasses. You’re going to need a case and contact solution to take with you. This one is super cute and compact for on-the-go!

Comfy Blanket

While the hospital is going to provide you with blankets, I personally wanted one to snuggle with that felt like home. Of course, you will want this off of your bed for the actually birthing process, but before and after it is nice to have a touch of home.

Your Own Pillow

Seriously, take the pillow you usually sleep with. You are going to want to be able to get comfy. I was in the hospital longer than most because I was induced and then stayed for breastfeeding support. We stayed in the hospital a total of four nights. I wouldn’t have been able to make it without my pillow.

Your Favorite Cup

This may seem weird, but especially if you are in the hospital for an extended amount of time, you’re going to want a good cup. After you have your baby, you are going to need to drink lots of fluids. Bring a cup that helps you do that! For me, that meant bringing one that would keep my drink nice and cold and I HAD to have my straw!

Phone & Charger

Of course, you’ll have to have your phone, but you’ll also need a LONG phone charger. I recommend a ten foot charger so that you can reach it from your hospital bed. Anyone that stays with you is going to need one also, more than likely, so buy a package of them!

Essential Oils & Diffuser

Of course, this is optional, but I was really glad we brought our essential oils and diffuser. We brought my favorite lavender oil and had it diffusing while I was in labor. It helped me stay calm and relaxed, plus all the nurses and doctors commented on how nice it smelled. A win-win for everyone!


Another must-have in my book. While you are in labor, you may want some relaxation music to help keep you calm and focused. For my labor experience, we chose Sinatra, one of our absolute faves. My husband and I listened to him all the time during my pregnancy, so it seemed fitting to finish it off with Sinatra at our side.


Fun Stuff

If you’re in labor a while, you’re going to want something to keep your mind off of it. I brought my iPad and watched my favorite Netflix series, my husband brought my DS just in case I wanted to play, and of course I had my phone. Personally, I would have loved to have the coloring book below, so of course I had to include that!


While you and your doctor may not be comfortable with you eating while you are in labor, you are definitely going to want some snacks for after you have the baby! Do yourself and a favor and stock up before you go so that you don’t fall prey to the vending machine!

Baby Book

This is something I didn’t bring that I wish I would have. If you are going to do a baby book, I’d definitely bring it with you! That way, you can have your baby’s hands and feet stamped right into the book!

For the New Daddy

Comfy Clothes

Of course, Dad needs his own comfy attire. He is going to be worn out from all the excitement, so staying comfortable in the hospital is a must!

Pillow & Blanket

Again, bring your comforts from home. Below is a neat travel blanket/pillow combo. It looks like the perfect item to take, as it rolls up to take up very little space so that things are out of the way for visitors!

Pen & Paper

If I had it to do over, I would have had my husband have a notebook to write things down in. The doctors say so much and there is so much you want to remember, having a place to keep it all is really handy. Plus, it doubles as a fun daddy birthing journal!

Slip-on Shoes

Dad is going to be doing all the running around the hospital, so he is going to need some shoes to slide on.

Food Money

Again, you’re going to want some food that isn’t hospital food. Make sure you have some extra money set aside so that Dad can go get snacks (if you didn’t pack them!) or grab a cheeseburger.


Dad is going to need something fun to do, too! I love the looks of these adult coloring books. Plus, he can easily step away from a coloring book in order to come take care of mama – unlike, perhaps, a video game!


For the New Baby


I really wish we had brought a velcro swaddle to the hospital with us. Of course, they’re swaddled in their little blanket, but as a new mom, I was not a great swaddler! These velcro swaddles are easy to use for new parents and comfy for the new baby! (These are the exact ones we used on Chunker – highly recommend!)

Coming Home Outfits

Of course, you’ll want to bring the perfect outfit to take your baby home in! I recommend you bring outfits in two different sizes, newborn and 0 – 3 months. That way, no matter the size of the baby, you’re covered!

Baby Mittens

Until I had Chunker, I didn’t realize just how much newborns scratch their little faces. I had just regular ole mittens with elastic, but those things fall off so easy. If I had it to do over, I’d spend a little extra and get some mittens like the ones below so that they would actually stay on!

Baby Blanket

While the hospital is going to have plenty of blankets for the baby, you’ll also want to bring your own! If you decide to have in-hospital baby photos done, they may use your blanket for the background of the picture, so bring something cute that coordinates well with that cute baby outfit!

Nursing Pillow

If you’re considering nursing, you may want to go ahead and bring your pillow! There are wonderful nurses and lactation consultants at the hospital that will help you learn to breastfeed. Bringing whatever pillow you are going to use will help them show you exactly how to set yourself up at home!



If you aren’t breastfeeding, you may want to bring your own bottles to the hospital. This is totally optional, as the hospital is going to have their own premade bottles for you to use, but if you have a “perfect” bottle in mind, you may want to take it with you.


If you are going to use pacifiers, again, you may want to take your own with you. The hospital will probably have these available for you, but if you have one in particular that you’d like to use, take it with! The nurses will be more than happy for you to use it.

While it may seem like a lot, I guarantee taking these items with you will make for a fantastic and prepared birthing experience! Just to help you stay organized, I have created a FREE printable checklist with all of the items above listed, as well as additional blanks for your anything you’ve thought of! Enter your information below, confirm your email address, and you’ll receive your FREE checklist!

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