4 Reasons Why Every Mom Needs A Mom Friend

Friend – noun  \ ˈfrend \ – one attached to another by affection or esteem.

I love my friends more than I can even put into words. They are the ones you run to when things in your life get hard, or when you have an awesome day, or when you are completely and utterly confused. Now, enter the world of mom. We all have to stick together because being a mom is the hardest (and of course, most fulfilling) job in the world!

1. You Can Complain About Your Kid Without Feeling Guilty

My son is six months old now. We weren’t even sure we could have kids, so I am extra thankful for him every single day. I still complain, though. Wanna know why? Being a mom is hard and sometimes my kid is a jerk. Or he doesn’t feel good. Or I don’t feel good. Only another mom can get that AND not judge me for it.

2. Only Another Mom Knows How Confusing Momming Truly Is

Being a mom is far from straight forward. There are always 1,839,928,374 different angles to analyze when you make a decision (cloth or disposable, breast or bottle, purees or BLW, cosleeping or crib). A good mom friend already knows this and can share in your confusion. (No, they can’t give you the answer. After all, no one has the mom answer.)

3. You Don’t Have to Impress One Another

Once you reach momhood, you understand the simpler things, like having a moment to talk to another adult is enough. It no longer matters what that adult looks like or where you are with that adult. The only thing that matters is that you get to use real words about real topics with someone over four foot tall! (Bonus: you don’t have to put on “real” clothes. All moms love leggings & messy buns!)

4. She Can Understand You Like No One Else Can

Let’s get real, y’all – being a mom is a unique experience. In no other situation in life can a person be filled with so many emotions at once and not go completely insane. That’s what being a mom does to you, and only another mom can help you cope with that. Basically, without mom friends, we would all go absolutely bonkers!

Speaking of mom friends, I would love for you to check out a great mom friend of mine, Courtney Danielle. She and I have known each other for years now! Our husbands are best friends, we both have little boys, and we both love inspiring other moms. Check out her YouTube channel here!

Love, Laura

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