5 Ways to Focus on Joy This Holiday Season

Halloween has come and gone which means that the holidays are right around the corner. Unfortunately, for too many people, the holidays are synonymous with stress and upheaval instead of happiness and joy. I can’t even explain to you how sad it makes me to see everyone upset and uptight instead of enjoying the memory making potential that is before them! So, this holiday, lets focus on that things that bring us joy instead of calamity!

What Brings You Holiday Joy?

1. Loved Ones

This is the one time of year that you are able to get together with your loved ones and spend some real quality time. For most people, there are at least a couple of days built into their work calendar so that they can take off and just enjoy the people they care for. While I realize that it can be incredibly stressful to have a bunch of people at your house or to maybe see a person or two that you don’t exactly care for, let’s stay positive this holiday season and be thankful that we are able to see these people at all! Remember, the mess will wait, but memories don’t make themselves!

2. Great Food

Don’t act like you don’t know! Holiday time means the best food of the season. For so many people, this is a huge stressor! The easiest way to overcome all that negativity is to incorporate all those awesome people floating around your house and let them join in the food making fun! Give everyone a job, turn up some rocking holiday music, and get busy! Don’t forget to have everyone help with the clean up, too. Make it fun, come up with a silly game or song or dance, and everyone will be sure to join in!

3. Holiday Events

I know you do it, too. You try to hit all the Christmas lights, go to all the Christmas programs, visit every family member’s home, and still have some time to look at your own Christmas tree at the end of the day. This holiday season, try to make a list of the most important events for you and your family and stick to those. Make sure to write out the times and locations and see how you can best coordinate the events. Lists are always a huge help for me and allow me to pack more fun into each and every day. Planning ahead is key!

4. Baby Firsts

For me this year, it is Chunker’s first everything! First Thanksgiving, first pumpkin pie, first snow, first Christmas, EVERYTHING. The list seems to go on and on! In this millennial day and age, us mamas feel the pressure to document every single last one of those firsts and share it with the world – in real-time. (Thanks, Instagram and Twitter!) It is so easy to get caught up taking pictures to preserve memories that you don’t actually interact and MAKE the memories! My goal for you, mom, is to hand someone else the camera! Be in the picture, make the memories, don’t be passive in the memory making.

5. Decorations

Oh my gosh, talk about joy and frustration all rolled into one! I haven’t gotten out a single decoration yet this year. Why? Because I’m a first time mom, I’m a wife, I work part-time, I blog, and in my spare time I’m exhausted. What do I want? To look at pretty things. What is the last thing I want to do? Get out pretty things or clean so that things actually look pretty.

My own personal goal to remedy this situation is to just do it. I know, I know, this is less than helpful, but it’s the truth!  Once I get started, it is as if I can take on the world. Getting that momentum to get off the couch when my butt is really dragging feels dang near impossible. The answer for me is always music. Crank the music and just get going! Luckily for me, music is also my son’s best friend. I can dance around and jam out and he will just giggle! So what are we actually doing? We are making memories with our children, not the chore of putting up holiday decorations. Isn’t that a bit more motivating?

What’s the Take Away?

Enjoy your holiday season this year. Remember the number one goal, making memories. The rest doesn’t even matter. What will happen if you aren’t able to get the dishes done? You’ll have thirty extra minutes in the day to spend with the ones you love – that’s all. Those dishes will be there when YOU have time for them. Memories, though, we only get one chance for that. Don’t waste your time being grumpy, stressed, or overwhelmed! Love the people around you and focus on that, the rest will fall into place!

In the comments below, tell me what gives you holiday joy and how you plan on enjoying it this holiday season!


  1. mummyest2014

    November 15, 2017 at 11:41 am

    I love Christmas and am so excited but I find that certain family members make it more anout a particular present or a particular event rather than the family and thoughtful side of Xmas. I aim to show J that Christmas is about spending time together and enjoying yummy food and games x

    1. thismomblogsblog

      November 15, 2017 at 12:00 pm

      I’m with you 100%! I, too, have a few family members stuck on the materialistic side. I could get nothing all day long, spending quality time with my friends and family is enough!

  2. Michele

    November 15, 2017 at 4:41 pm

    I love this so much! We must find joy and not become overwhelmed by the season! Thanks for sharing at #WanderingWednesday at Confessions of Parenting!

    1. thismomblogsblog

      November 15, 2017 at 5:20 pm

      Thanks so much for hosting ❤

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