To The Mom Whose Kid STILL Doesn’t Sleep

If sleeping came naturally to your child, this blog post isn’t for you. If I’m being honest, this post isn’t even for people that have some how magically figured out how to get their kid to sleep. This post is for those of you – you know, the ones like me – that sit around every night ready to pull your hair out because your kid just won’t sleep.

Why Won’t You Sleep?!

I am so tired of hearing¬† from the moms with the perfect kids that seem to only have one thing to say. “You mean he STILL isn’t sleeping through the night?!” Yes – I mean it, he still isn’t sleeping through the night. Yes- I know he will be nine months old in four days. I’m so glad that your child has always been a great sleeper, but apparently I incubated the only child ever born that hates sleep. I mean it – he hates sleep.

How did this even happen? I have no idea! My husband loves to sleep more than any person I have ever met. If he isn’t moving, he is sleeping. Period. Somehow, the two of us came together and made a child that has to be tilted at just the right angle, laying in the correct arm of the right person, with only the softest blankey in order to get a wink of sleep. Then, the person holding him has to wait for just the right length of time before putting him to bed. If you don’t wait long enough, he isn’t good and asleep so he is going to wake up when you move him. If you wait too long, he will be too asleep and when he gets laid down he is going to wake right back up and want to STAY awake. I wish I were kidding.

A Few Things to Try

In our quest for finding the perfect sleep solution for our child, we have tried so many things. Oh, and just because you find something that works for a short period doesn’t mean that it is going to work forever – so you’ll be on the hunt again! Just to save you from having to search elsewhere, I’ll put a list here for you! For your sleepy mama convenience – and because I’m an Amazon affiliate – each item below is an Amazon link. No need to go anywhere in your sleep-deprived state, shop for sleep right where you are!


Rock N Play*


Sound Machine

Essential Oil Diffuser


Nighttime Gripe Water

Other than the top two which Noah outgrew, we still use each and every one of these things every night.¬† (*If your child is small, won’t sleep, and you aren’t using these items, stop reading and go buy them now! Or click the link, order them off of Amazon, and get them overnighted – they will change your life!) It took us a while to find them, but the good news is that they helped us go from getting up every two or three hours to getting up once or twice a night.

While these aren’t perfect solutions, and I can’t even begin to claim that they will work as well for you as they have for us, it is a place to start. We are still getting up, I’m still getting frustrated, I still don’t know when I will get to see a full eight hours of undisturbed sleep. For now though, this is what we have to work with, and it is going to have to be okay. It won’t last forever and you aren’t alone. Good luck, mamas.

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  1. Erica Tipton

    January 17, 2018 at 3:49 pm

    I think we all can relate!

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